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Founder Lanell Bailey, RN has devoted her career to optimizing healthcare systems and tending to those in her care with kindness and expertise

Lanell Bailey

Meet the Founder

At 54 years young, Lanell boasts an impressive three-decade-long career in nursing. Her nurturing spirit was evident even as a child when, at just four years old, she took on the role of caregiver for her mother who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and became wheelchair-bound. Specializing as an OR nurse for 20 of those years, her expertise is unrivaled.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought profound sorrow as she lost her beloved mother. In the wake of this devastating loss, Lanell chose to channel her grief into a new venture, “ABC IV Hydration”, seeing it as a way to honor her mother’s memory.

Beyond her medical endeavors, Lanell’s passions lie in the thrilling realms of motorcycle riding, precision shooting, and a profound love for dogs, which highlight her adventurous spirit. A staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, she proudly owns her business and is a devoted member of two exclusive women-only clubs. Her charismatic personality enables her to form bonds quickly and effortlessly, yet she also cherishes moments of solitude.

Family remains the cornerstone of her life. Mother to two wonderful adults and grandmother to four precious grandchildren, all under the age of 10, her heart brims with love and pride. This sentiment is echoed in her partnership with her best friend, confidant, and business partner – her husband, who also serves as the medical director of their shared endeavor.

In Lanell, one discovers a symphony of compassion, resilience, and unwavering passion for life.

Steve Bailey M.D.

With over three decades of unwavering commitment, Dr. Steve Bailey stands out as a distinguished cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon. But there’s much more to Steve than just his impressive medical credentials. His patients often fondly refer to him as the doctor with a golden heart and a penchant for the pastoral. Far from being pretentious, Steve’s conversations effortlessly drift towards his beloved cows, farming, and the countryside. His passion for farming knows no bounds; come rain or shine, blistering heat or freezing cold, you’ll find him at his barn, nurturing his cattle.

Steve’s reflective nature is a testament to his depth, often spending hours lost in his own thoughts, seeking meaning and wisdom. A proud father of four and grandfather to two spirited grandsons, Steve may be separated by distance, but the depth of his love for them remains unwavering and ever-present. During summer vacations, Steve frequently bonds with his sons over motorcycle trips, and on weekends throughout the year, he can be found swapping stories with close friends over a cup of coffee.

A significant part of Steve’s life is his profound love for dogs. To him, they are more than just pets; they are his confidants, his companions, his best friends. Whether he’s at the barn, visiting town stores, or just out for a ride, his loyal canine companions are often by his side, sharing every moment and adventure with him.

For those in town, a glimpse of Steve isn’t rare. He’s often spotted at local hardware and feed lot stores, always eager for a chat, especially if it veers towards farming, cattle, or college basketball.

In the words of his wife, Steve is truly unparalleled – a one-of-a-kind soul whose life story is as enriching as it is inspiring.

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ABC IV Hydration Values

  • Placing the health and welfare of every client at the core of service creation and delivery.
  • Approaching each client with esteem, honor, empathy, sincerity, and uprightness, while safeguarding the confidentiality of their information.
  • Honoring diverse cultures, faiths, backgrounds; embracing all orientations, ages, identities, and abilities.
  • Cultivating and nurturing constructive relationships with the community, including local healthcare practitioners/organizations.
  • Engaging in conscientious and responsible business practices.
  • Upholding the ethical standards of the healthcare sector.
  • Implementing ongoing enhancement strategies and methodologies for quality.
  • Maintaining a reputable position within the community.

Take control of your health, it’s your most valuable asset!

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Fitness IV Drip

The Fitness IV Drip is the perfect complement to any athlete's training routine, whether you're at the gym, the track, or training at home. After an intense workout, this specialized formula acts quickly to rehydrate and restore your body with essential vitamins, electrolytes, and fluids lost during vigorous exercise


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 

  • B-Complex 

  • Amino-Blend 

  • Vitamin-C

Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Hangover IV Drip

Revitalize with the Hangover IV Drip. This treatment is an efficient method to swiftly combat hangover symptoms and replenish your body's hydration. Specially crafted to flush out toxins, restore vital nutrients lost with overindulgence, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 

  • B-Complex 

  • Magnesium 

  • Vitamin-C 

Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Restorative NAD+ Drip

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of NAD+ therapy, a revitalizing treatment for both your mind and body. Elevate cellular repair rates, resulting in enhanced cognitive prowess, expedited athletic recovery, heightened performance, and a noticeable surge in energy levels.
  • 500 mL of Normal Saline
  • 250 mg of NAD+
(Discount pricing for additional NAD+ mg)
Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Wellness IV Drip

The Wellness IV Drip treatment combines a blend of powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins to boost your immune system and help fight off any bugs that are going around.


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 
  • B-Complex 
  • High Dose Vitamin-C 
  • Glutathione 
  • Zinc 
Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability