Convenient Professional Mobile IV Hydration Therapy Services


Don’t let dehydration, tiredness, or a shortage of energy hinder your ability to relish life. Indulge in a revitalizing opportunity that fuses cutting-edge medical attention with opulent indulgence–delivered right to your doorstep!

Rediscover your vigor and experience renewal through a specialized IV hydration mixture. Packed with vital minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes, these blends are meticulously crafted to champion your pursuit of an optimal lifestyle.


Boost Your Wellness

Founder Lanell Bailey, RN understands that IV hydration therapies, tailored to your specific needs, promote balance and wellness and she’s excited to deliver vitality to your doorstep in her customized van!



Intravenous hydration therapy

Embrace the innovation of intravenous hydration therapy – a holistic approach that transports vital hydration, vitamins, and nutrients straight into your veins. With our mobile services, enjoy unparalleled convenience as you access a diverse array of potential health advantages. From heightened cognitive focus to strengthen immunity, and a notable boost in energy levels, our customizable IV hydration blends offer an array of benefits depending on your special wellness goals.

Wellness Shot

Unlock the power of intramuscular injections, precision-delivering potent nutrient doses directly into your muscles for swift integration into your bloodstream. These speedy shots offer an immediate revitalization, enhancing your energy levels, mood, metabolism, mental acuity, immune strength, and beyond. Experience the efficiency of near-instant benefits with this convenient approach to boosting your well-being.

Take control of your health, it’s your most valuable asset!


Client Testimonials

“I can’t express how grateful I am for ABC Hydration! After a long week of work and stress, I decided to give their IV hydration therapy a try. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional, and the ambiance of the wellness center was so calming. The IV treatment itself was a game-changer. I felt reenergized and revitalized almost instantly. It’s like they found the secret to unlocking my energy levels! I’ll definitely be making regular visits to ABC Hydration to keep that glow and energy going strong.”

– Martin P. 

“ABC Hydration is a hidden gem in the world of wellness! I was skeptical at first, but their Intravenous hydration therapy truly exceeded my expectations. The entire experience was top-notch, from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. The staff’s knowledge and expertise put me at ease, and the personalized approach to my hydration needs was impressive. After the session, I felt more hydrated, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day. ABC Hydration is now my go-to spot for self-care and rejuvenation.”

– Rachel A. 

“Wow, just wow! ABC Hydration is a game-changer. I’ve struggled with maintaining proper hydration, and it was taking a toll on my overall well-being. That’s when I discovered ABC Hydration and their IV therapy. It’s like they custom-tailored a solution just for me. The staff’s genuine care and attention to detail made the experience comfortable and relaxing. The immediate effects were astounding – I felt more focused, energetic, and even noticed an improvement in my skin. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to wellness, ABC Hydration is the place to be!”

– Elizabeht O. 

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Fitness IV Drip

The Fitness IV Drip is the perfect complement to any athlete's training routine, whether you're at the gym, the track, or training at home. After an intense workout, this specialized formula acts quickly to rehydrate and restore your body with essential vitamins, electrolytes, and fluids lost during vigorous exercise


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 

  • B-Complex 

  • Amino-Blend 

  • Vitamin-C

Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Hangover IV Drip

Revitalize with the Hangover IV Drip. This treatment is an efficient method to swiftly combat hangover symptoms and replenish your body's hydration. Specially crafted to flush out toxins, restore vital nutrients lost with overindulgence, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 

  • B-Complex 

  • Magnesium 

  • Vitamin-C 

Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Restorative NAD+ Drip

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of NAD+ therapy, a revitalizing treatment for both your mind and body. Elevate cellular repair rates, resulting in enhanced cognitive prowess, expedited athletic recovery, heightened performance, and a noticeable surge in energy levels.
  • 500 mL of Normal Saline
  • 250 mg of NAD+
(Discount pricing for additional NAD+ mg)
Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability


Wellness IV Drip

The Wellness IV Drip treatment combines a blend of powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins to boost your immune system and help fight off any bugs that are going around.


  • 1000 mL of Normal Saline 
  • B-Complex 
  • High Dose Vitamin-C 
  • Glutathione 
  • Zinc 
Ingredients may vary based on supply, demand and availability